Leaf Clean Up

          Why Using a Leaf Clean Up Service is More Convenient than Doing it Yourself


When fall comes around, there’s one chore everyone hates to do: Leaf clean up.


At Charm City Exteriors, we offer leaf clean up services so you don’t have to worry about such a time-consuming, back-breaking, and boring task this fall.


However, plenty of people still insist that it’s easier to just do it themselves. We want to take a moment to explain just how much hiring a professional team helps you with your leaf clean up needs.


Let’s dive into it.


             We Save You Time


Leaf clean up isn’t something one person can do with a spare fifteen minutes. It’s extremely time-consuming when it’s done right, and a solo cleaner can expect to spend at least a couple of hours trying to get all the leaves up. That’s not including the time it takes to dispose of the leaves when it’s all said and done.


We can save you that precious time, and our multi-man team can get your yard up to snuff in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.


We use professional-grade equipment and efficient training to ensure each job is done in record time with unparalleled results.


             We Take On the Physical Stress of Leaf Clean Up


Picking up leaves doesn’t sound like harsh physical labor, and it doesn’t involve a lot of heavy lifting, but it can take a lot more out of you than you think.


Leaf clean up is a heavily repetitive task that requires constant bending. This repetitive movement doesn’t stop until the job is done, and it can wear out, or even injure, perfectly healthy men and women with little to no warning.


The backache that comes from leaf clean up can affect your performance at work, ability to relax for days on end, and just generally make life unpleasant for a few days.


We prevent that from being a problem. Not only do we remove the need for you to take on such a repetitive task, but our team members are trained to prevent injuring themselves while doing their jobs.


             We Handle Bagging and Disposal


So, let’s say you spend a few hours getting all your leaves raked into neat piles all over your yard. Are you ready to bag those piles up? Bagging leaves are just more bending and backache problems for you to worry about. Besides, what are you going to do with dozens of bags of leaves?


You could burn them, but that takes several more hours of your time. You could throw them in the garbage, but you probably won’t have room left for any of your household garbage.


It’s far easier to hire a professional team that disposes of your leaves for you. At Charm City Exteriors, we can bag your leaves as we perform the clean up, and we’ll haul them offer to properly dispose of them before we finish the job.


             Don’t Do it Yourself; Call the Leaf Clean Up Pros


Don’t waste your time and energy doing your leaf clean up this fall. Call Charm City Exteriors for a leaf clean up service that leaves your yard looking amazing and your back feeling like you’re an energetic 20-year old, again.


We handle pick up, bagging, and disposal at competitive prices with unmatched results. Call us, today.

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