How Mulching Around Flowerbeds and Trees Helps Protect Roots


When it comes to mulching, there are a lot of misconceptions about how effective it is, how safe it is for plants, and how it should be done to get the best results. At Charm City Exteriors, we’d like to put those misconceptions to rest.


We’re exterior home specialists with years of experience mulching flowerbeds and trees in a multitude of ways, and we know a thing or two about getting the job done right.


The truth is, mulching your flowerbeds and trees is key to maintaining the exterior appearance of your property, and it has a few benefits for your plants, too.


Let’s dive into it.


             The Benefits of Mulching Flowerbeds and Trees


As we said, mulching is often thought to harm plants, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll talk about that more later on.


In reality, mulch acts as a protective layer for roots that helps them stay well-nourished and strong; even when environmental conditions don’t necessarily work in the plant’s favor.


It does this by absorbing water every time you water your trees or flowerbeds, or when it rains and helps control the release of that water over time. In essence, it works as a slow-release watering system.


Mulch also helps prevent the growth of weeds that steal nutrients from your flowers and trees. This not only prevents you from having to spend hours pulling weeds just to protect your plants, but it also ensures that the plants have the most ideal conditions to reach their peak.


Beyond the tangible benefits of mulching, it’s also great for aesthetic reasons. We’ve handled the exterior design of countless homes that didn’t stand out among their neighbors until properly-laid mulch was added. Mulch that is professionally laid and maintained can add a sense of class and elevate your entire property’s curb appeal.


             How to Get These Benefits Most Reliably


As professionals, we understand the benefits of mulching, and we know that the perceived issues with it come from user errors.


Mulch isn’t something that can be haphazardly thrown around. It needs to be placed with a specific thickness to prevent smothering the soil, damaging tree trunks, or choking out flowerbeds.


However, with so many people attempting to mulch their trees and flowerbeds, mulch is often laid too thickly, or it’s placed in a “volcano” style that causes trees to decay around their bases.


This has led to the misconceptions surrounding mulching, and you can find more information in our other blog entries.


For now, you should know that mulching should be done in two to three-inch layers that do not creep up the sides of tree trunks or flower stems. Mulch should be level, well contained with proper trenching, and maintained over time to ensure it doesn’t shift and cause problems.


             Hire Professional Mulch Specialists


At Charm City Exteriors, we’ve provided our mulching services to countless homeowners, and we’re more than happy to extend our expert-level services to you.


We can protect your trees and flowerbeds while professionally installing mulch in a way that elevates your home’s appearance, makes it easier to maintain your property, and keeps your trees and garden healthy for years to come.


Contact us today.

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