Tree Stumps

          Why is it a Good Idea to Get Tree Stumps Removed?


Removing tree stumps often feels like a waste of time, money, and energy, but it’s a key part of maintaining a healthy yard, and it can prevent damage to your home.


Since a lot of people are on the fence about getting their tree stumps removed, we’re going to give you an in-depth checklist of all the ways tree stumps can affect your property.


             They’re Homes for Pests


A tree stump is a prime home for ants, termites, and other destructive pests. They move into the rotting wood to eat it from the inside out, and their homes often run far deeper than you can see on the surface. Ants and termites will infest the long, tangled root systems of tree stumps, too.


However, we doubt you’re worried about insects eating an old, dead, tree stump. Unfortunately, these pests don’t stop there.


After pests have destroyed the tree stump, they often follow the root systems to healthy trees nearby, and sometimes, they’ll even move to a house that’s close enough to the stump and its roots. From there, they’ll continue eating, burrowing, and generally destroying the tree or home, and it’s usually too late before anyone notices.


This can be extremely costly if a home’s framework is destroyed, or if the damage to a nearby tree causes it to topple during a storm.


             Fungi Grow on Them


It’s no secret that mushrooms, while sometimes delicious, are often dangerous in the wild. Unfortunately, decaying tree stumps are the perfect food sources for large clumps of fungi to thrive.


As fungi grow on the surface of a tree stump, it contributes to the further degradation of the stump, and it creates a real health threat for your pets and children.


Curious pets and children can try to nibble or play with the large, puffy, mushrooms growing off a decaying tree stump, and this can make them extremely ill in many circumstances.


If you have children or outdoor pets that can access a tree stump covered in fungi, we recommend hiring a tree removal service immediately.


             They Spread Diseases Among Plant Life


We’ve worked as tree removal specialists for quite some time, and one thing has made itself apparent every time we remove a stump near other trees: The plant-based diseases tree stumps carry can spread like a plague.


As a tree stump decays, and diseases infect the stump to eat it away, those diseases spread to any tree nearby. It may take as long as a decade for those diseases to fully take effect, but they leave large, potentially dangerous, trees with unreliable infrastructure. This can cause them to topple over, catch fire a lot easier, or do any number of other dangerous things as the once healthy trees slowly die.


             Get Tree Removal Services ASAP


Most of the things we’ve talked about take years to become noticeable. That might leave you with a false sense of security and a desire to put off taking action.


However, we recommend hiring professional tree removal services as soon as possible. These issues often go unnoticed until it’s already too late to prevent costly damages, and the only way to safeguard against those long-term issues is to remove tree stumps immediately.


At Charm City Exteriors, we’ve got your back, and we’re ready to provide the best tree removal services around. Give us a call.


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