Professional Pressure Washing Service.

          The Importance and Benefits of Using A Professional Pressure Washing Service for Your Home in Maryland


Why a Professional Pressure Washing Service? If you’ve lived in Maryland for any decent period, you know just how polarized our weather can be. We have wet, windy winters that toss dirt and grime all over our homes, and in the humid summers, we have to worry about pollen and everything else practically gluing itself to our doorsteps.


This can be annoying, unsightly, or even costly if it’s left unchecked. Luckily, professional power washing services can help you avoid all that and keep your home looking brand-new.


Let’s dive into the details.


             Why Power Wash Your House?


When you think of home maintenance, you probably think of mowing your lawn, cleaning your gutters, and maybe pulling a few weeds here and there. We get that. Unfortunately, by neglecting the condition of your home’s siding and exterior walls, grime, and other unseemly substances build up.


This causes discoloration, ruins the protective layer of paint, and can cause permanent damage if left unchecked for too long.


Professional power washing services remove all of the substances that cause that to not only leave a home looking great but also keep it in top condition for many years to come.


             The Benefits of Power Washing Your Home


Now that we’ve given you a general rundown of what power washing does, let’s go over the specific benefits you’ll experience.


Long-Lasting Integrity and Appearance:


By removing all of the things that naturally build up on a house, professional power washing services such as ours prevent the exterior from being damaged. Power washing removes fungi, dirt, and debris that damage your home’s paint job and leaves the wood or brick beneath it exposed to the elements.


As a bonus, it leaves your home looking sparkling clean.


Pollen Removal:


Pollen tends to stick to everything it lands on. This can make allergy sufferers barely able to walk outside of their homes in the middle of spring or summer, and even a short trip to the porch can cause an annoying sneezing fit due to all the pollen that has rested on their homes.


Power washing technology blasts that annoying pollen away to create a clean, enjoyable environment.


Loose Paint Removal:


We recommend hiring a professional power washing service because of how powerful the spray technology used is. It can easily blast a hole in certain types of siding if used improperly.


However, this insane amount of power can make your job a lot easier if you aim to paint your home soon.


The powerful jet of water blasts away dirt and grime, but it also tends to blast off loose paint chips and make your prep work a lot easier. This leaves you with a sparkling clean canvas to paint on without having to use nearly as much elbow grease when you go to scrape away old paint.


             Hire the Top Maryland Power Washers, Today


If you’re looking to paint soon, or if you just want to make your home look clean and fresh again, give Charm City Exteriors a call.


We offer top-quality, professional power washing services that you can trust.

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