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Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Lawn Care Services by Trained Experts to Maintain Your Lawn

Charm City Exteriors has residential and commercial lawn care and maintenance services that can completely revamp your lawn. Chores like lawn mowing, fertilization, and maintenance can be a nuisance for homeowners, so we do it for you! We can keep your lawn vibrant, green, and healthy. We can free your entire lawn from weeds so that your lawn looks great all year around.

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Turf Management

We supervise the turf grass and expertly manage your lawn for you based on your preferred schedule. We are available in the evenings and weekends too.

Lawn Mowing

We mow the lawn so that your grass is properly maintained and looks great.

Hedge Trimming

We can trim overgrown hedges and bushes that impede on walkways and windows.


We fertilize the lawn with organic products so that it stays healthy and lush throughout.


We can free your lawn from weeds and treat your lawn so that there aren’t any brown patches on your lawn. We also check which weeds are affecting your lawn and treat them accordingly.

Why Choose Charm City Exteriors?

Affordable Prices

When you are looking for low-cost leaf removal, lawn care, and pressure washing services, there is only one place to get affordable, high-quality home maintenance services: Charm City Exteriors.

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Professional Services

We have a team of trained experts and professional equipment that ensure satisfaction for all our customers. Home washing and lawn care in Baltimore has never been easier!

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Insured and Licensed

When you are going for services like tree removal, you need to have licensed and insured workers so that you and the workers are protected.

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Why Choose Lawn Care Services by Charm City Exteriors?

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